Friday, 18 January 2013

Life Goes On

I’m writing this in the context of being self employed.

I've debated for a few months now whether to write about this or not. I feel uncomfortable when strangers talk over social networking about overly personal topics. I may just be slow at adjusting to new ways of communication (within my business dealings that is, I’m fine with people I know!) I mean I still stress about how formal an email should be and what’s ‘professional’. However I’ve reached the point where I’ve found myself stalling my little business until I can talk about the last year.

My Mum died at the end of May after having been ill with cancer. Since heading back up North to care of her I sort of retreated into my work without actually producing anything. And such a lot of time has passed now it feels odd to properly start up again without marking the change.

I guess also because my Mum was a huge inspiration for me. She was the one who taught me how to sew and draw and had an amazing collection of textiles. She was born in Lima, Peru, where my Grandma and Grandad were living at the time, so the house was full of vibrant colours and beautiful South American patterns. She also called herself the Fantoosherie ambassador and I would always run new designs past her.

Just writing this is helping me realise that this has actually happened.

So I have to move on. I’m lucky to have a new studio at Glasgow’s Trongate which I share with the amazing textile designer Aimee Kent. We have a colourful collaboration almost finished. In the first public venturing in months, Teacosy in Aberdeen, I pretty much sold out of my new collection which gave me such a boost. But, I eventually want to get to the place of my Mum’s birth and see Peru with my own eyes, so the plan for the rest of this year is to take Fantoosherie on the road. First to Spain to learn the language, then South America. I will take my tools with me to produce a small accessory collection and experiment with some natural dying too. I’ll also be working on farms and smallholdings throughout the day in exchange for food and lodging!

That was hard but I definitely feel much better after writing this. My work is also my life so it feels good to get things going again.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, 13 February 2012

Friday, 9 December 2011

Made In the Shade

Heehee if you want to see then you better come along to the Lighthouse this Saturday.

Teacosy Treats

What a brilliant weekend exhibiting at Teacosy in Aberdeen with 24 other designers. There were lots of beautiful and quirky hand made Christmas decorations that I couldn't resist. I also did a crafty swap, for one of our rope necklaces, in exchange for this delicate and classic silver bangle by Ann Marquis. I also bought this beautiful ceramic pipe impressed from part of a roe dear antler by Kevin Andrew Morris.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Possibly have been too 'sneaky'! A prize if anyone can tell what it is. Mmm testing the new collection for winter. Snug fabric chokers with lime and orange pops. Continuing the theme of bright winter.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Dye It

We love experimenting with dyes and a lot of the new collection will feature this technique. Recently I heard a program on the hilarious Gardeners Question Time (a secret joy! I'm still in my 20's!) anyway it was about cultivating various plants, fruits, veggies and roots to make natural fabric dyes. Fantastic. So I'm currently on the look out for info of this sort and want to set up some experiments in the coming year. If I could grow plants and work with fabric I would be a very happy girl indeed. If I could somehow link the two I may just die from happiness. Pun AVOIDED!