Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Che Camille - Harris Tweed Exhibition

What a lovely night we had at the launch for Che Camille's Harris Tweed Month. Yummy cocktails, fashionistas and istos, stunning roof terrace, tweed clad models and 'the dress'! The most beautiful dress I ever did see...

We went along with a group of our Fantoosherie Dolls and after a few glasses of wine in Sloans headed up for some mingling (we thought for a second we might not get in though, seemed like the builders were getting a bit angry!!) We wandered around dreaming of all the things we would buy if we could, a leather dress in the back corner really caught my eye!! There was also another Jewellery Designer who had dabbled in working with tweed, her necklaces were beautiful and unusual, who ever thought tweed could be so versatile!

Moving on to non Tweed related subjects...there is a new design studio/exhibition space created by Andre Daniels, Karen Andrews and Marianne Vosloo opening its doors tomorrow night from 7pm. The arts and crafts Studio is on Hayburn Lane, just off Clarence Drive. It will be host to weekly exhibitions of selected artists...there will be tattoos, paintings, jewellery, photography, film making, jewellery, glass work, graffiti...the list goes on! Come along and tomorrow night and see for yourself! Fantoosherie will be displaying a range!

Until next time...stay fancy!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Fantoosherie is the New Black

Hello fancy friends, Fantoosherie have been busy stitching a big, sleek, black beauty of a necklace for an amazing woman we met on Monday. We were (rather unexpectedly) invited over to show our accessories to a mysterious woman who wanted to have a piece of our jewellery to wear to an event in South Africa. We didn't realise at the time she'd be getting on the plane the next day and that she wanted an gigantic, extravegant black number! Well we jumped at the challenge! I have to mention too that this woman is living in my dream house: high tenement ceillings, Frida Kahlo prints plastered on the wall, the most amazing view of Glasgow from her bedroom and a fantastic 1920's mahogany drinks cabinet the size of my wardrobe!

But to the jewellery... Myself and Kirsty ran straight home (ok via vino to chatter over the bizzare evening's happenings) to dig out all the black scraps we had. Leather, lace, satin, silk it was going to be a mass of black texture! We brought our pieces together last night and will be dropping it off to her husband later tonight who will be flying our precious creation out to her! I don't think I can let it go. I think it looks like a fancy Queen of the Crows!

We also had a wee bit spare so we're going to add a surprise fabric ring to her package too!

In other news we're getting very excited for the new Harris Tweed designs launch at Che Camille Tomorow evening. We are thrilled to be part of the exhibition as Tweed fanatics! Pictures coming soon, it will be a kaleidoscope of colour compared to our dip into black!

In the meantime, put the kettle on and stay fancy x

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Harris Tweed - We are Backing the new 'Cottage Couture'

The weavers of Harris Tweed, in the Mills of the Outer Hebrides, are reviving Britains famous fabric to its former glory and slowly but surely it is once again becoming a luxury product for high end fashion, and thanks to Che Camille, we have bagfulls!!

So what better to do with endless supplies of scraps than to turn them into beautiful accessories? We have tweed bow necklaces, tweed bow brooches, pleated tweed necklaces entwined with gold chain and tweed bow bracelets, its becoming a passion! You can find our tweed delights in Che Camille. Follow the link to have a look at some of the beautiful Harris Tweed garments you can pick up there We are also going to have are own wee bit of wall space to showcase our new 'Tweedage' at the exhibition opening this Thursday.

In other news...Sloans Market. It was fun to be back, lots of new faces to see. Our best customer was a French Lady who bought 2 necklaces, 2 rings and a pair of beautiful lace earings! We tried to employ her as our overseas sales person and while she was not intersted in this full time position she said that she would tell all her French friends about Fantoosherie Fancies...thank you!

Thats all on the jewellery front for today. I (Kirsty) am off to the MOBOs tonight and have absolutely no idea what I am going to wear! I have to go power shopping in my lunch break and on a very small budget try and get a dress, a beautiful sequin jacket (Topshop) and shoes all suitable for the red carpet!

Until next time...Stay fancy!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

We're Back!!

Oh dear, Fantoosherie have been neglecting their blog somewhat over the last few months! But no longer, we hereby promise to keep this updated as often as possible!

Since our last post (in May....woopsy!) Fantoosherie have joined a wonderful range of designers at Che Camille. This has not only given us a wonderful way of promoting our jewellery but it has also helped to stock our fabric bags, we now have beautiful tweed scraps coming out our ears! We have made these into some bowtie necklaces and brooches and the ever so patient Jenny has designed an amazing pleated range (I attempted this but I feared for my health when I almost began tearing my hair out, think I'll stick to the tweed bows!)

We are also going to be designing jewellery exclusively for Betsey Loves, They stock an amazing range of vintage, retro and kitch jewellery and accessories...well worth a vistit!

This weekend we will be returning to Sloans Market for the first time since December! We are hoping it will be a busy Saturday as not only is the Merchant City Festival on but there is also a Made in the Shade event happening in The Lighthouse, a good weekend for crafters! So pop along if you are in the area and say hello.

Ok...I feel that is a sufficient catch up for now! I'm sure that there's somehting I've forgotten but as we have vowed to blog on a much more regular basis we will be back soon to update on anything we've missed ! Until then....stay fancy!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Ice Cream Monday


This is a rather fanciful Sundae! Sitting on Ashton Lane munching away and a fancy pigeon just came to snoop!


Fantoosherie is made for ladies who lunch!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Blog beginnings - Put the kettle on luv

This is a blog of all things fanciful and delightful; a collection of forgotten treasures and fanciful findings. Of objects that have had adventures and past lives. Of relics that entertain over a cup of tea, with fanciful reminiscences of thrill and mischief. A trove of anything which tickles and delights.