Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Che Camille - Harris Tweed Exhibition

What a lovely night we had at the launch for Che Camille's Harris Tweed Month. Yummy cocktails, fashionistas and istos, stunning roof terrace, tweed clad models and 'the dress'! The most beautiful dress I ever did see...

We went along with a group of our Fantoosherie Dolls and after a few glasses of wine in Sloans headed up for some mingling (we thought for a second we might not get in though, seemed like the builders were getting a bit angry!!) We wandered around dreaming of all the things we would buy if we could, a leather dress in the back corner really caught my eye!! There was also another Jewellery Designer who had dabbled in working with tweed, her necklaces were beautiful and unusual, who ever thought tweed could be so versatile!

Moving on to non Tweed related subjects...there is a new design studio/exhibition space created by Andre Daniels, Karen Andrews and Marianne Vosloo opening its doors tomorrow night from 7pm. The arts and crafts Studio is on Hayburn Lane, just off Clarence Drive. It will be host to weekly exhibitions of selected artists...there will be tattoos, paintings, jewellery, photography, film making, jewellery, glass work, graffiti...the list goes on! Come along and tomorrow night and see for yourself! Fantoosherie will be displaying a range!

Until next time...stay fancy!

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  1. Maybe the dress should go on the Christmas wish list. Gorgeous.