Thursday, 24 September 2009

We're Back!!

Oh dear, Fantoosherie have been neglecting their blog somewhat over the last few months! But no longer, we hereby promise to keep this updated as often as possible!

Since our last post (in May....woopsy!) Fantoosherie have joined a wonderful range of designers at Che Camille. This has not only given us a wonderful way of promoting our jewellery but it has also helped to stock our fabric bags, we now have beautiful tweed scraps coming out our ears! We have made these into some bowtie necklaces and brooches and the ever so patient Jenny has designed an amazing pleated range (I attempted this but I feared for my health when I almost began tearing my hair out, think I'll stick to the tweed bows!)

We are also going to be designing jewellery exclusively for Betsey Loves, They stock an amazing range of vintage, retro and kitch jewellery and accessories...well worth a vistit!

This weekend we will be returning to Sloans Market for the first time since December! We are hoping it will be a busy Saturday as not only is the Merchant City Festival on but there is also a Made in the Shade event happening in The Lighthouse, a good weekend for crafters! So pop along if you are in the area and say hello.

Ok...I feel that is a sufficient catch up for now! I'm sure that there's somehting I've forgotten but as we have vowed to blog on a much more regular basis we will be back soon to update on anything we've missed ! Until then....stay fancy!

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