Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sneaky Peeks

Hello! The sun is sneakily peeking through the clouds so I'm going to post some new Fantoosherie peeks in the hope to coax it out! Especially for Saturday's extravaganza in Edinburgh.

I've been working with lots of chiffon, lace and organza for a light fairy-summer feel. I've also been collecting lots of gorgeous charms and lockets and received some wonderful bejewelled donations from kind followers, so nestled in the light folds these little gems are hiding.

Hope to see you on Saturday fancy peeps xxx

*Remember Roxy Art House, Edinburgh, 10.30-5*


  1. Wearing a Fantoosherie piece is the best thing to make a girl feel special - I wore one of your pieces recently at a special do and kept getting compliments all night long ....

  2. Indeed, Fantoosherie is so unique! I'm still in love with my feather embroidery necklace I got from Saturday Barras Market. Thank you so much Jennifer!

    Fantoosherie featured on my blog http://bathroomsoprano.blogspot.com/2010/11/accessorise-for-high-tea.html